Consultation and Training


Experienced for more 20 years in Aerospace and Major manufacturing company. We are providing a consultation of measuring fields and to include a selection process by implementing a Measurement Systems Analysis.

The Objectives

  • Reduce investment cost of instrument
  • Increase the competency level
  • Solution of instrument
  • And many more …

2.  FAI (First Article Inspection) – Aerospace
Experienced for more 10 years in Aerospace field, we have dedicated practitioner teams will come out with the solution during the preparation – in process – submissions of FAI .

The Objectives

  • To have a robust process and meet the AS9102 standard
  • Reduce number of turn back during FAI process
  • Increase the competency level
  • And many more …



Total 3 days of training will help to have an understanding of all the theory and applications of measurement and to combine with measuring method.
Study case on real product or environment will sharpen the ability, competencies for people who work in inspections field.

2.Passport/NPD (New Product Development)
One day training will give the understanding of New Product Development with all quality gates and assessment process to pass into a production phase. All the NPD team have to join this course.

3.Project Core Tools
The training will takes 3-4 days of project core tools.
Selections of APQP or PPAP combine with the Flow Process, pFMEA, Control Plan and MSA will develop a linkage and flow on the process robustness.
Additional subject on RRCA or 8D were a massive packages that you will get to control the process.
Team as Engineer, Quality, Project Manager, ME’s, Supply chain and all the core team are recommended to have the training.

4.FAI (First Article Inspection)
This 2 days training covers a basic principal and “how to” FAI generations.
The training will focuses on determining all requirements and documentations have been properly implemented and completed.
Exercise sessions are included using example from aerospace product launch.
Quality, Engineer, Productions and most of cross functional team have to participate on this training.

2 days training to define and determine all potential risk for each process steps according to the SAE J1739. Basic understanding are include to this packages.
An additional RRCA or 8D are applicable to have a better process.
Core team of each process need to join this training.