HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C200–C1000



Your partner for high-precision shaft
measuring systems
Hommel-Etamic, the Industrial Metrology Division of
the Jenoptik Group, is a leading manufacturer and system provider of high-precision, tactile and non-tactile
production metrology. The range of products provided
include total solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks such as testing surfaces, form, and determining dimensional tolerances – throughout all phases
of the production process, for fi nal inspection or in a
metrology lab. Our product portfolio is rounded off
by a wide range of services in consulting, training and
service, including long-term maintenance contracts.
Hommel-Etamic. Precision is our business.
Competence in shaft metrology
Our competence in optical, non-contact shaft metrology for production is coupled with quality leadership
and top class technological performance which provides excellent benefi ts to the customer. An investment which will soon pay off whether using an offl ine
measuring station operated by workers in the shopfl oor
or in fully automatic systems for inline inspection.Metrology for production
Metrology for use in the production environment
makes very high demands on the technology and product quality. Our shaft measuring systems more than
satisfy these demands. The hardware and software
are optimized for use in a production environment and
are able to offer gauging component capability with
maximum reliability over long periods of time.


Advantage Your Banefit
– Complete measurements within seconds
– Test plan creation within minutes
– Optical, non-contact sensors for
silhouette scanning
– Morse taper clamping device holder
– Integrated system monitoring and
temperature compensation
– Robust hardware
– User-friendly software, fast retracing of
measurement results
– Productivity gain
– Enables many different measurements of dimension,
geometry, form and position tolerances
– No negative influence from the operator
– No costs caused by probe wear
– No set-up times
– Accurate to the micrometer,
no setting master required
– Long-term gauging component capability
– Long life, low costs
– Enables worker self-inspection,
quick acceptance by workers


Selection of measuring and evaluation possibilities with opticline systems


The robust, durable system design satisfi es the
operating conditions in a production environment. The
use of worker self-inspection is supported by intelligent
and user-friendly human-machine interfaces.
Operating the measuring system is perfectly simple.
Test plans are created based on solution-oriented procedure in minutes. The user guidance can be adapted
to the specifi c operating conditions if required.
The calibration state of the measuring system is
monitored automatically by integrated, high-precision
artefacts and temperature sensors. These also provide
the basis for the intelligent, integrated active temperature compensation. The artefacts therefore replace an
additional calibration master for use on a daily basis.
The active temperature compensation takes place
on a fully automatic basis with every measuring run.
Temperature compensation can be optionally taken into
account. The measuring system also monitors itself for
negative ambient infl uences. This offers high safety and
optimum comfort in production applications.
Our shaft measuring systems are a fl exible solution
for the future, ideally suited to cope with the increasing variety of applications in production. Based on
their uniform measuring principle, the products are
optimized with regard to their purpose of use as
an offl ine SPC measuring station or alternatively for
100% control in automation.
Evaluation possibilities
– Diameters and lengths
– Geometry elements, workpiece profi le
– Form and position tolerances
– Rotation angle
– External thread
– Through hole contour
Automatic measuring runs
– Static, rotation angle-positioned
– Dynamic, e.g. roundness, runout