Mechanical and electronic length measuring



Precision and continuity
Ever since its foundation in
1883 Kroeplin have been
involved in development and
production of handy reliable
and precise gauges for the
measurement of lengths and
thicknesses, especially for the
metalworking industry. Thus
the quick test system was
created, which was the basis
for all further innovations and
also for the electronic dial
Experience is the solid foundation for quality. Careful
observation and analysis of
the market, flexible realization
of requirements, convincing
measuring concepts – that is
the philosophy that makes
Kroeplin successful. Today like
before, for more than
125 years.

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Certificate of quality
Reliable repeatability
Scales are well arranged and easy to read
Scale interval from 0,005mm up
Tolerance marks easy to read
All mechanical gauges are also available in
The electronic gauges can be switched over to
Measuring contacts are mainly made of carbide
Electronic gauges with analog / digital display
for better reading
Mitutoyo interface
USB interface
Ergonomically designed
Measuring programs and contacts for different
Absolute and relative measurement
Red / Green LED for tolerance measurement
Special solutions possible
Stand holding unit for serial measurement of
small parts
Convincing price for convincing performance
  Instruments with
3-point contact for
easier centeringMeasuring contacts
■ easy handling
■ high repeatability
■ measuring programs and contacts for
different applications
■ suitable for workshop use
■ IP 67
■ Interface (Digimatic, USB, U-WAVE®)
■ mm/inch switch

fast reading


Ergonomically designed
with new IP classification
The gauges provide a digital / analog display
for better reading. The quicktest gauges
includes custom designed test programs,
measuring contacts, absolute- and relative
measuring programs and red/green display
for tolerance measurement.

■IP 65
■ optimized measuring force
■ accurate measurement
■ ergonomically designed


■ IP 67
■ optimized measuring force
■ digital display with analog bar
■ ergonomically designed
■ Interfaces (USB, DIGIMATIC or U-WAVE)
available on request