Portable Measuring System


Baces3D is a portable measurement arm, designed for acquire 3-dimensional measures, points and surfaces within its workspace with a simple manual movement of the user. Contact or Non-contact technology for acquisition, using a touch probe or the Baces Scan laser scanner.

Baces3D is the ideal instrument for digitizing, reverse-engineering and metrology

Baces3D has a lifetime permanent calibration is guaranted by the mechanical design
in alluminium and carbon fiber, oriented to get light but stable structure.

Baces3D is the perfect product for all the typical applications like Digitize, Measure, Reverse-Engineer a part, sample, prototype, manufactured item and any product, requiring a 3-Dimensional Inspection.

Baces3D arm is integrated in many 3rd party CAD/CAM and metrology softwares, like for example Rhinoceros, Delcam PowerInspect & Powershape, AlphaCAM, Capps-nt and many others.

Baces3D communicate with PC through a USB direct link cable. Points data and commands for the software are made by 3 buttons on the probe or by foot pedals.